Things are changing quickly, you can expect to hear from me and our team often.

Right now however, the message I want to get out to the community are my thoughts on how we can knit ourselves closer together — and some ideas on how to relax a little today.

These are things you can do right now:

  • Get the email and phone numbers of your neighbors — especially your neighbors who are older, or work hourly jobs, have kids or who may have special needs. Checking in with phone and text is best for older or the immunocompromised older residents — you don’t want to jeopardize anyone’s health by making contact. 

    If you make food or deliver supplies to people, you need to take an abundance of precaution, beyond hand washing. You have to be sure whatever you’re sharing has not been contaminated and you’ll want to let them know in advance so you can drop and dash. 

  • Tune into KOTO. DJs you know and love are on air and they’re playing songs and talking to you. It’s a beautiful thing. Their news department is working hard to keep the community abreast.

    We’re partnering with KOTO to begin offering daily live updates from med center staff and the San Miguel County Department of health. (We’ll have more details about this tomorrow.)

  • Read the Telluride Daily Planet. They’re keeping their production calendar and working hard to get the best news to the community. Or check out Telluride Inside…and Out for community news.

  • Host a playdate for the kids of parents who have to work. The New York Times published a story yesterday that lays out some guidelines on how to do so safely.  

  • Expect that people may need to bring their kids to work. Support them through this time.

  • The Daily, a New York Times daily podcast / radio show took a break from COVID-19 news to post a special episode titled: This Tom Hanks Story Will Make You Feel Less Bad

  • If you are a landlord and you can be flexible, reach out to your tenants, let them know you’ll work with them through this crisis. 

  • If you have an empty property, consider letting someone stay there. 

  • Donate. Look to the organizations you already love and trust and ask them how you can help them in their efforts — whatever they are.

  • Think about how you’re using social media. It can make bring you closer to people — but let’s be real, it can also make you crazy! Take special care to share and read only information from trusted sources. 

  • Take a hike! Go for a run! Get some sunshine! 

  • Stretch. Breathe. Read a book. We’re working with our mental health counselors on ways to share relaxation and de-stressing techniques with the community. We’ll let you know when we have more info on that. 

  • Listen to this…Yo-Yo Ma yesterday released a home video of him performing Dvořák – “Going Home,” it’s the first of what he’s calling #SongsOfComfort