Dr. Christine Mahoney at the Telluride Regional Medical Center has a message for the community:

“If you’re not feeling well, struggling with depression, sleeplessness or anxiety, or it’s time for a follow-up visit, we want to see you!”

Staff at the Telluride Regional Medical Center are encouraging patients to not neglect their regular health care needs and reminding the community that providers are still available to meet — oftentimes virtually, via their Telehealth services.

“For patients who have access to the internet and a device with a screen and a microphone, we can see you in the comfort of your home for many kinds of appointments,” said Dr. Mahoney, acting medical director.

The doctor will see you now, it just may be through a screen

The medical center’s Telehealth program was piloted months ago before the coronavirus pandemic changed how the community goes about their regular business.

“The timing is fortuitous and we are very prepared to see our patients to ensure their health is maintained while also doing our very best to limit people’s exposure to coronavirus,” said Dr. Mahoney.

Yet still, there are other patients who absolutely must be seen in person. Urinary tract infections; abdominal pain, physical injuries for example would all require a face-to-face appointment.

During a Telehealth visit, the patient and provider communicate directly through video on a laptop, desktop or cell phone. Another new development, as medical center staff everywhere work to overcome coronavirus challenges, telephone visits are now being utilized to access patients who cannot access the Telehealth portal.

Telehealth is ideal for

  • Consulting on chronic conditions

  • Medication refills & new prescriptions

  • Consulting on birth control

  • Anxiety, sleep or depression concerns


Both Telehealth visits and telephone visits are billed like regular office visits: patients are responsible for copays, deductibles or co-insurances that apply to a Telehealth visit. 

For more information, visit tellmed.org/telehealth.