The Telluride Regional Medical Center acknowledges racism is a public health crisis, silence is complacency and neutrality does not exist.

We kneel in solidarity with the anti-racism movement.

Systemic racism is a long-standing public health crisis that impacts the mental and physical health of our community, specifically by preventing non-white community members the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.  

Medicine is not immune to the racism that pervades our social systems. 

We will use our privilege to advocate for the social change necessary to eradicate the systemic illness that is racism, as we seek to pursue racial justice at our clinic, in our community and throughout our country. 

We recognize statements are weak, unless held up by action.

In action we commit to:

  • Develop an anti-racism working group to evaluate our current short-comings, create clear strategies and structure to overcome these shortcomings and hold the Telluride Regional Medical Center accountable to a timeline for change

  • Expand our existing cultural competency training to include implicit bias training and mandate an annual implicit bias curriculum for all staff

  • Nurture a culture where it is safe for colleagues to question each other’s biased actions

  • Actively build diversity within our Patient Advisory Committee, staff and board, as we recognize we can’t solve racism in our healthcare system without input from those most affected by it

  • Work to eliminate cost-associated barriers and inequities in access to care and delivery of care

  • Continue to collaborate with community partners to address the impact of social determinants of health

  • Be transparent and diligent in communicating our efforts, progress and our challenges with the community and to welcome all feedback.   

In solidarity and in health,

Telluride Regional Medical Center Staff