“It was the kind of day that made me forget about COVID-19 …for a few hours.”

-Dr. Diana Koelliker

There was one particular day last month, that was both exceptional but also classic.

It was the kind of day that perfectly demonstrated the caliber of care we offer, how our teams and community of emergency responders pull together when the occasions arise, and how community support makes an actual difference in the lives of our patients.

So what happened? I can’t actually say too much about it, for patient privacy reasons I know you’ll understand.

But I can say, all the patient outcomes were ideal (well, as ideal as a visit to the ER can be).

I can also tell you the amazing results our primary and emergency teams produced that day were made possible by medical equipment the community has funded:

  • Portable C-arm (Fluoroscopy X-ray Machine)

  • OB/GYN Birthing / Exam Bed

  • Fetal Monitor

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Unit (Panda Warmer)

Each one of these pieces of equipment — that we are very fortunate to have — benefited different patients throughout the afternoon.

Wow! Just wow!

Thank you so much for helping to ensure that our team of doctors and nurses have the tools and technology needed to serve the Telluride community.

Community Support Saves Lives

Using the power of collective philanthropy, annual contributions continue to make a serious difference in the care we are able to provide at our clinic.

With sincere gratitude,


Kate Wadley | Executive Director

Telluride Medical Center Foundation

PS: Want to buy our team lunch?

Nearly seven months into the pandemic, I’m blown away by the fortitude of our staff who continue to keep up with the pace, in new roles, working longer hours and with added stress.

Everyday I deliver our staff lunch, often sponsored by individuals or local restaurants.

Feeding the team is a huge morale boost. If you can, please consider sponsoring an upcoming lunch or snack!