Every month is health month at Telluride Regional Medical Center, but May is special. The lifts and Gondola are shuttered, and the off-season is officially here. For us though, our commitment to your health is year-round and there is no off-season.

In fact, now is the ideal time of the year to visit us for your preventive health needs. Our schedules are open, and we are ready to see you. That is why, yet again, May is “TRMC Health Month.”

For the entire month of May, we are offering special discounted pricing for annual preventive health visits and select lab tests for our un- or under-insured patients. To learn more about what the cost may look like for you, give us a call at (970) 728-3848.

If you have health insurance, don’t worry, these services are likely covered under your plan already!

Frequently asked questions about preventive health visits:

Who is a preventive health visit for?
Anyone, regardless of age, who hasn’t had an annual preventive health visit in the last 12 months.

But what if I am young and active?
Preventive health visits are a great way for you to talk with your healthcare provider about risk factors, family health history, sexual health services, and mental health.

I am new to the area or have never been to TRMC before…
Perfect! We love seeing new faces.

I don’t have health insurance and doctor visits are expensive.
May is your time to come see us as we have discounted pricing for select services.

Why should I do this in May?
Why not! Be proactive and make sure you are healthy and ready to take on whatever your summer has in store.

I’m still not sure.
Give us a call, and one of our dedicated team members will help you navigate your needs, because let’s face it, health care can be confusing at times.

Many health challenges can be avoided or mitigated by maintaining a regular schedule for your annual preventive health exam. You can establish a new relationship with a provider or strengthen your relationship with your existing provider. Either way, you can develop a comprehensive individualized health plan.

Preventive health services help us live life to the fullest and can even save your life.

Make an appointment today by calling the clinic at (970) 728-3848.