Prevention is the foundation of wellness, and May is Preventive Health Month — our time to double down on our effort to make sure this message finds its way to you. Yes, you!

Annual preventive health visits are for everyone! During the month of May, we are offering special discounted pricing for annual preventive health visits and select lab tests for our un- or under-insured patients. To learn more about what the cost may look like for you, give us a call at (970) 728-3848.

Are you due for a preventive health visit?

  • Yes, if you’re anyone, at any age, who has not been seen for an annual preventive health visit within the last 12 months, we want to see you — you know who you are!

  • Are you new to town? Welcome! May is a great time to establish a relationship with one of our primary care providers.

  • If you’re uninsured or pay cash for medical care, now’s the best time to check in!
    Throughout May we offer significant discounts on preventive health services, including discounts on screenings for cholesterol, thyroid and blood count, vitamin D, diabetes, prostate and cervical cancer and STI testing. (Call the Med Center to learn more about the discounts). And if you are insured, your annual visit is more than likely covered without a co-pay. Why not take advantage?

  • If you’ve already had your visit in the last year, good for you! Get on with your day!

But if you think medical care is only for when you’re sick, think again! We want to see you when you’re healthy too.

Why should you come in for an annual preventive health visit?

Many health challenges can be avoided or mitigated by an annual preventive health visit.

An annual preventive health visit — which we recommend for all ages and every member of your family — is critical for strengthening the patient-provider relationship and offers an important opportunity to develop a comprehensive individualized health plan.

What happens at an annual preventive health visit?

A lot.

Your primary care provider will discuss your individual risk factors, review your prevention efforts, set health goals for the year and screen for other risk factors as needed.

Additionally, your provider will review your vitals, body mass index, examine gender-specific areas (if indicated) and provide a basic eye exam and skin check.

Your provider will determine if you require a prostate evaluation, pap smear, mammogram, bone density screening, skin screening, cervical exam or colorectal referral based on your age, risk factors and family history.

During your visit your provider will also perform a depression and anxiety screening and assess your risk for cardiovascular disease — an important step since heart attacks are the number one killer of both men and women.

Your annual preventive health visit also provides time for counseling, should you desire it, regarding contraception, healthy eating and exercise goals, weight management, behavioral health, sexually transmitted infection prevention and management, cancer prevention and maintenance, and immunization reconciliations or recommendations.

During an annual preventive health visit, you and your provider may also review any lab work obtained prior to the exam.

Still need a reason to make an appointment?

Preventive services and screenings save lives.

Make an appointment today by calling the clinic at (970) 728-3848 (we have bilingual staff on hand!) or use the patient portal to request an appointment.