Regional AED Map

What is an AED and what is it used for?

An AED is a small, portable, electronic device. It can detect life-threatening irregular heart rhythms and then provide an electric shock to reestablish a normal heart rhythm in someone who is in cardiac arrest.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. In fact, if defibrillation takes place within the first minute, survivability is more than 90%; however, chance of survival decreases roughly 10% for each minute that passes. Thus, the sooner an AED can be applied, the higher the chance of survival.

Stop the Bleed Kits in every AED

In addition to housing portable electronic defibrillators for cardiac emergencies, each AED station also contains instructions and tools to allow bystanders to control life-threatening bleeding and provide immediate care to an injured person until professional emergency responders arrive. Read more about Stop the Bleed Kits here.

What sort of training do I need to use an AED or the Stop the Bleed Kit?

Answer: None. The genius of AEDs  or Stop the Bleed Kits is that a witness to cardiac arrest or any trauma bleeding does not need any training to use one. No one should hesitate to use an AED. Many people with no training whatsoever have saved lives using AEDs.

Where are the AEDs in the Telluride area?

The maps below outline AED locations within Telluride, Mountain Village, Ophir, Norwood, and Down Valley.