What is Care Management?

One of the most difficult and stressful problems patients and their caregivers face is figuring out how to navigate the healthcare system. Insurance questions, scheduling appointments with specialists, arranging transportation or finding resources for follow-up home care can be overwhelming.

Telluride Regional Medical Center’s care management is a free, primary care service that helps patients manage their health and develop a care plan. It is especially helpful in complex cases for patients who have received an unexpected diagnosis, have a chronic health condition, acute illness, or disability, or for patients recovering from a surgical procedure. Our care management team includes care managers who can minimize barriers to care and walk alongside patients throughout their treatment.

Care Management at Telluride Regional Medical Center

At Telluride Regional Medical Center, care management is an essential component of our comprehensive, patient-centered approach to healthcare. Our care managers are specialized, registered nurses who serve as advocates for patients and their caregivers. They work closely with patients and their primary care providers to improve the overall well-being of patients and ensure that healthcare goals are met.

How Do Patients Benefit From Care Management?

Telluride Regional Medical Center’s care team assists patients by making social services referrals, contacting insurance providers, coordinating transportation for appointments, offering information and education regarding treatment, managing medication, or offering emotional support to patients and their caregivers. If you have questions or concerns regarding your treatment plan, our dedicated and compassionate care managers are here to provide assistance and advice.

Why Care Management is Important for the Telluride Community

Telluride Regional Medical Center is deeply committed to the health and overall wellbeing of our community. By offering high-quality care management services, we can reduce the overall cost of care and maximize resources by identifying and closing gaps, reducing appointment “no-show” rates and increasing the productivity and efficiency of patient visits.

For affordable and patient-centered care near you, contact Telluride Regional Medical Center to schedule an appointment today. We are happy to assist you with getting access to the care that you deserve.

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