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john_gardner_white_background-cropped John Gardner is an experienced healthcare executive having successfully served in a broad range of settings from integrated healthcare delivery systems to Critical Access Hospitals. A strong strategic thinker and team builder Gardner joins the team after 9 years at the helm at the Yuma Hospital District. Check back here to his CEO Blog as he helps lead the Telluride Regional Medical Center into a new facility built to serve the community today, tomorrow and fifty years into the future.

John Gardner, CEO, FACHE

CEO Blog: How many fingers am I holding up?

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Two years ago I assumed the CEO position for Telluride Regional Medical Center excited for the great opportunity to lead the construction of a model Critical Access Hospital that would accommodate current and future health care needs for this community. As was pointed out to me recently by a former Hospital District board member, according … Continued

What’s a shipping container have to do with wellness?

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Earlier this month a 225 square foot shipping container was placed just outside the primary care entrance to the Telluride Regional Medical Center. We’re calling it a Wellness Annex, and reasonably, you might have some questions about this. What’s a Wellness Annex and how will it be used? The shipping container turned Wellness Annex will … Continued

Honoring our providers

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On March 30, 1933 the first Doctors Day was observed and each year since the date has given us an opportunity to recognize physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury. These dedicated professionals engaged in years of study and training. They endure long and unpredictable hours and their passion … Continued

Forty years is a long time

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For nearly 40 years our medical center has occupied this facility. Forty years! And while, since 1978, we have evolved, as much as possible, right along with complex technologies and population growth, we’ve outgrown this 10,000-square-foot remodeled building, built in the 1960s. We can do better for our community. Will you join the list of … Continued

Davis Fansler lives to tell his story

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OUR ABOUT ‘US’ IS REALLY ABOUT YOU If you want to know about the Telluride Regional Medical Center; look no further than you, our patient. We see you for wellness, during annual check-ups to discuss your health and personal risk factors; and sometimes we see you more often, when we help tackle diabetes; we may see you … Continued

Oh these are changing times…maybe, sort-of, kind of

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I’m writing this from the airport, anxious to return home after the week spent at the the National Rural Health Association Policy Institute in Washington D.C., Here I joined health care leaders from rural communities to meet with members of the Senate and House of Representatives to discuss the healthcare needs of the communities we … Continued

“It was the best of times; it was the OK of times”

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One of the joys of my job at the Telluride Regional Medical Center is getting to understand the history of this sacred summer Ute camp, turned mining town, turned ski town and how medical care has changed and grown with each new era. Recently I stumbled upon some medical center data from 1981, when the … Continued

So Many Patients and the Faces that Greet Them

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This week, as we examined and announced our growth in patient volume, I couldn’t help but to think of our front line staff. Amazingly they accommodated 21,036 patient visits last year, a 13% increase over the previous year (read more on our growth here). I recently met with two of our Patient Relations staffers over takeout and learned just … Continued

You deserve a new medical center

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There is but one provider of primary and emergency care for the region, and we’re seeing more patients than ever before. We need a new medical center, not only for the future, but for today! Staying at our current facility is not an option. And this community, 65 miles from the next nearest hospital, deserves … Continued

Overheard around town

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  Meet me for coffee & conversation… Med Center Matters: Wednesday, July 13, 9a.m. at Between the Cover’s High Alpine Coffee. Meet John Gardner, the Telluride Regional Medical Center’s new CEO to share ideas and learn about the new facility envisioned for the community. And, as always, reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns: [email protected] As new members to this community, my wife Jeannie … Continued

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