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What happens in a wellness exam?

Medical Moments

Off season is for slowing down and taking care of yourself. Dr. Sharon Grundy and the Primary Care team at the Telluride Regional Medical Center like to see our locals in April, May, October and November for what they call Preventive Health Season. Why come in for a preventive health exam? The CDC’s statistics demonstrate the majority of the top 10 causes of … Continued

What is snow blindness?

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By Dr. Paul Koelliker, MD Snow, (even when it’s less than we’d all hoped for) is something we all need to account for when we go out to enjoy it. One thing you might not be thinking of is the phenomenon of Snow Blindness. Medically known as photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratopathy is an ultraviolet (UV) light burn to … Continued

11 Tips for Healthy Travel

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By Eric Johnson, MS, FNP-BC It’s only January, and nevertheless, you may already be thinking spring break. Make the most of your travels by planning appropriately! Whether you’re staying within the borders of the United States, or traveling abroad, every country has its own special risks, from minor to severe and a consultation prior to travel can help to … Continued

Should I go to work sick?

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Many people face this question when they are sick. From time to time, we all must balance the possibility of lost wages or letting down your co-workers or boss versus calling in sick to work. Here are four rules to help you make a good decision: 1. Are you contagious? If you have a viral or … Continued

Four Vaccines Adults Shouldn’t Forget

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By Eric Johnson, MS, FNP-BC We are all well aware of the myriad of immunizations required and obtained during childhood, but after the high school years, our awareness of immunizations seems to fall off the radar. While not many, there are several immunizations that are beneficial in adulthood. Here are four I think are most … Continued

Tips for safe sledding

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Winter has arrived and those beautiful snowy hills look perfect…to sled down as fast as you can! Along with skis and snowshoes, sleds come out of storage at the very first snowfall of winter. And why not? Sledding is fun for all ages and requires no skill or talent, you need only a hill with … Continued

The scoop on antibiotic resistance?

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Elaina Collins, PA-C delivers the scoop on antibiotic resistance, when you may need them, and how to feel well without them. What is antibiotic resistance? Each time a person takes an antibiotic, sensitive bacteria are killed but the stronger, resistant bacteria may grow and multiply. These microorganisms have the potential to become “superbugs.” As a … Continued

Hurt knee? Dr. Diana Koelliker’s quick guide on when to, and when not to, push through the pain.

Medical Moments

Diana Koelliker

Dr. Diana Koelliker’s quick guide on when to, and when not to, push through the pain. At the Telluride Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department we frequently see patients who have injured their knees during sporting activities. Those patients naturally have lots of questions about extent of the injury and recovery time. And, it’s important to … Continued

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