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To schedule an appointment please call (970) 728-3848.


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Phone (970) 728-3848
Fax (970) 728-3404

Primary Care

Primary Care Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Grundy : (970) 728-3848
PC Practice Manager, Paula Sheidegger : (970) 369-2345
Nursing Administration, Melissa Tuohy : (970) 728-3848 x135

Emergency Care

Emergency & Trauma Services :  (970) 728-3848, then dial 0


Executive Director, John Gardner : (970) 728-9782
Patient Billing, Pam McCreedy : (970) 728-3848 x111
Executive Director of Philanthropy, Donations, Kate Wadley : (970) 729-1375
Volunteer Services : (970) 728-3848 x156
Communications & Public Affairs, Beth Kelly : (970) 729-1700

Comments & Concerns

The Telluride Regional Medical Center has a complaint procedure in which patients may participate without fear of jeopardizing their care.  

If you have concerns or complaints about any part of your care, please speak with any of our managers in our clinic. Managers will then complete a Patient Concern Form and forward it to the medical center’s CEO who will investigate your concerns and respond at your request.

Or, if you prefer, you may submit your comment or concern directly to John Gardner, CEO:

John Gardner, CEO
PO Box 1229
Telluride, CO 81435