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Telluride Regional Medical Center Foundation

Since its inception in 2008 the Telluride Regional Medical Center Foundation has raised over 6 million dollars in gifts and grants.

Telluride Regional Medical Center Foundation donations have helped fund an Emergency Department renovation, the Carol M. White Physical Education grant, the Think Head First concussion program, and many capital purchases, including the following:

  • Portable Clinical Analyzer
  • Cardiac Monitors
  • BiliChek, a non-invasive bilirubin analyzer
  • OB Bed
  • Mobile Vitals Monitor (two)
  • Chemical Analyzer
  • Baby Isolette
  • Holter Monitors (two)
  • Digital X-ray Processor
  • Fluoroscopy Machine (Mobile C-Arm)
  • Digital EKG
  • Rapid Infusion Warming Unit
  • Ultra sound machine
  • Lead Testing Equipment for Pediatric & Adult Patients
  • Health Challenge Fitbits
  • HandTevy & Training for ED Staff
  • Mobile App for Handtevy
  • Vein Light
  • $10k grant for Behavorial Health
  • Triage Meter Pro
  • Dermlite &  Dermlite Connection Kit
  • Camera System Zoomscope for Colposcopy tests
  • Hemocue – a hemoglobin testing station for Pediatric & Adult patients
  • Assist Table
  • Film Array System for infectious disease diagnostics

Between 2010—late 2013 the Telluride Medical Center Foundation played an instrumental role in assisting the Tri-County Health Network acquire operating grants, as their fiscal intermediary. We’re proud of that collaboration.

Our most recent fundraising efforts were successful in adding the following items to the Telluride Regional Medical Center:

Laboratory equipment:
Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel, PCR
Useful for rapid detection gastrointestinal infections, decreasing prescription of antibiotics and enabling detection of significant illness such as Clostridium Difficile or Giardia.

Alere D –Dimer
Truly life saving equipment, enabling providers to rapidly identify patients at high risk for blood clots or pulmonary emboli.

I-stat upgrade
Expanded capability to analyze blood for Beta HCG levels and lactate levels.

Second EKG machine 
For Primary Care, replacing outdated equipment.

Additional exam table to meet growing demand for our youngest patients.

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