Gynecologic Annual Exams

Annual gynecologic exams are of paramount importance in women's reproductive health. Preventative care remains an extremely crucial component of your well-being. By conducting these exams annually, early detection of cancer or progressive disease is possible. Breast exams may be conducted, manually checking for lumps and signs of breast cancer.

Pelvic exams check for abnormalities in the uterus or ovaries and are used to screen for cancer of the cervix. Pap smears, or a collection of cells obtained from the cervix, are also used for detecting cervical cancer.

HPV and other STI tests can aid your doctor in his/her overall evaluation and/or help address your medical concerns. Your provider may ask sensitive questions relating to your sexual history, symptoms, or daily habits.

For example, they may ask about vaginal discharge or your alcohol/drug use. It is extremely important to be honest with your doctor as these affect your reproductive health.

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