Mountain Mama 101


Join us to learn everything you need to know about growing your family in Telluride!

Expecting mothers and their partners are invited to join our Primary Care team to learn more about prenatal health and caring for newborns, specifically in the mountain region. This bilingual orientation for new families is free and open to everyone.

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What to Expect

Mountain Mama 101 is an introduction to healthcare for a growing family in our high altitude and rural area. Telluride Regional Medical Center started offering this program in 2017 and have offered it at least once a year since, including virtually during COVID.

In 45 minutes to an hour, we cover a wide variety of topics, including: prenatal care in the area, where to deliver, birth classes, breastfeeding support, where to get care for your baby, what happens at well child checks, and more.

This program is presented by Emily McGough, FNP-BC and she is accompanied by a staff nurse with experience in the area.

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