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Enjoy every day this season! Get a flu shot!


Flu season is here! Influenza, or “the flu” is a respiratory virus that typically affects North America as early as October and lasts through May. The flu can cause mild to severe respiratory illness. Severe cases of influenza lead to hospitalization and death. The elderly, young, people who are immunocompromised, or have health conditions like asthma; COPD; … Continued

The scoop on antibiotic resistance?

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Elaina Collins, PA-C delivers the scoop on antibiotic resistance, when you may need them, and how to feel well without them. What is antibiotic resistance? Each time a person takes an antibiotic, sensitive bacteria are killed but the stronger, resistant bacteria may grow and multiply. These microorganisms have the potential to become “superbugs.” As a … Continued

It’s Time To Check In – Preventive Health Season


It’s time to check in! Preventive health season aims to keep locals healthy with screenings, exams and identifying risk factors—it’s also a way to get deeply discounted services to patients who are under/uninsured. Schedule your check-up throughout October and November to take advantage of discounted services, screenings and exams, and low patient volume. Off-season is the best time to foster a preventative … Continued

At Telluride Med Center, too close for comfort

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September 9, 2017 (Telluride, CO) — Staff at the Telluride Regional Medical Center work closely with each other, they’re also very close to their patients. But according to Medical Center staff and their CEO, that’s not exactly ideal. Since 2007, patient visits have grown 166 percent, according to the medical center’s Financial Director, Julie Wesseling. … Continued

Staff Profile: The Man Behind the Curtain at the Medical Center

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September 7, 2017 (TELLURIDE, CO) — Although there are no overnight beds at the Telluride Regional Medical Center, there are nights when one person never leaves. Since 2002, Eric Adolphi has served the local medical center as the singular IT & Facilities Director; a job that requires a certain amount of midnight oil, dedication and grit … Continued

Hurt knee? Dr. Diana Koelliker’s quick guide on when to, and when not to, push through the pain.

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Diana Koelliker

Dr. Diana Koelliker’s quick guide on when to, and when not to, push through the pain. At the Telluride Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department we frequently see patients who have injured their knees during sporting activities. Those patients naturally have lots of questions about extent of the injury and recovery time. And, it’s important to … Continued

Mountain Mama 101

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July 26, 2017 (TELLURIDE, CO) — Expecting mothers and their partners are invited to join the Primary Care team at the Telluride Regional Medical Center on Tuesday, August 15, 5:30-6:30p.m., to learn about prenatal health and caring for newborns, specifically in this region. “We’ll cover pre-natal myths, oxygen needs for infants at altitude, normal schedules for well-baby checks … Continued

‘Above and beyond,’ at the Med Center’s Trauma Center

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June 26, 2017 (Telluride, CO) — Having found zero deficiencies, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has re-designated the Telluride Regional Medical Center as a Level V Trauma Center. According to a letter sent to John Gardner, the medical center’s CEO, after an on-site review last month, the department’s reviewers “noted no deficiencies … Continued

Davis Fansler lives to tell his story

CEO Blog

OUR ABOUT ‘US’ IS REALLY ABOUT YOU If you want to know about the Telluride Regional Medical Center; look no further than you, our patient. We see you for wellness, during annual check-ups to discuss your health and personal risk factors; and sometimes we see you more often, when we help tackle diabetes; we may see you … Continued

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