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Andrew Dahl, MD

Andrew Dahl, MD


Dr. Andrew Dahl has been providing ophthalmology services at TMC since 2005, making the 70-mile drive to the nearest other ophthalmologist unnecessary during the four months he is here every year.

Dr. Dahl has been practicing medicine/ophthalmology since 1972. He’s a board certified Harvard-trained ophthalmologist and founded the currently largest practice of ophthalmology in the Hudson Valley and has practiced general ophthalmology with a subspecialty interest in diseases of the retina in the New York area for more than forty years.

He is currently Chief Medical Editor for WebMD/MedicineNet and teach family practice residents about diseases of the eye.

Dr. Dahl spends summers and winters in Telluride and examines and treats patients with ocular complaints. He is available 24/7 for any eye emergencies.

Dr. Dahl enjoys the close contact with the medical staff and nursing personnel at our facility and he’s pleased to offer ophthalmological services to full-time residents, second-home owners and visitors.  “The pace here is relaxed, allowing me to get to know my patients and provide them with personalized care.”