It’s a huge undertaking. And we’re ready.

It’s a bit unnerving to prepare my first communication to the community that my wife Jeannie and I are now calling home. It’s also exciting and I’m honored to join this team and help lead the changes that are ahead of the Telluride Regional Medical Center in the coming years. This is the right time and this is the right place. The healthcare industry is in the throes of changes that will require providers to re-vision how we care for the communities we serve. We are on the verge of new era of healthcare, one that responds to and even anticipates the needs and expectations of patients.

Meanwhile, here at this medical center, we already provide care for the body, mind and spirit by offering a full spectrum of health care services, including western and complementary medicine.

In all, this opportunity to participate in the planning and development of a new healthcare facility with a team that offers an emphasis on holistic health and compassionate care, is not unlike giving an artist a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.

No doubt: We have challenges ahead of us. With the expectation of change, there too remain uncertainties of what the new model of healthcare will really look like, especially as we transition into whatever new model is most prudent for our hospital district (that may be an Acute Care Hospital or we may take it one step further and seek designation as a Critical Access Hospital). Whatever ultimate direction we take on our facility designation, you can rest assured the decision will be based on what best meets the needs of our district’s patients.

To be successful and to serve as a model rural healthcare provider, our realization of the new healthcare system can’t happen in a vacuum. Our efforts must integrate staff, the community we serve, other healthcare providers, non-profits and local governments. What’s more, our organization must remain transparent, collaborative and steadfast in our goal to serve the community today, tomorrow and fifty years into the future.

It’s a huge undertaking. And we’re ready. I’m humbled to receive the torch from Gordon Reichard, who worked tirelessly for this medical center and community. Gordon leaves an organization poised for greatness. Now, today, I’m ready to link arms with the trusted team of healthcare providers, administrators, patients and you to move towards our shared future of exceptional healthcare and expanded services, right here at home.

Stay informed as we continue to navigate the road to the new facility in Mountain Village. Join our e-mail lists; follow us on Facebook; check back to read my blog; or even pick up the phone or drop me a line. I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to best serve your needs.

And thank you for the opportunity to join this community at such a pivotal and exciting moment.


John Gardner, CEO, FACHE

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