Community Advisory Committee Recommendation to THD

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) met on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 with the Site Selection Evaluation Team (Larry Mallard, Dan Garner, Tom Kennedy, Michael McAllister and Gordon Reichard). Larry led the group discussion of what has transpired since the July 2, 2014 CAC following the submission of the RFI data from the three (3) stakeholders (Town of Mountain Village, Big Dog Holdings and Lawson Hill Property Owners Company (POC), Lot’s H&I).

After deliberating between CAC members, they elected to not make a recommendation between the top two sites. It was felt that it would be advantageous to move forward with negotiations on terms and conditions with the Town of Mountain Village for the Town Hall site and Lawson Hill POC for Lots H&I. The CAC did express a preference for the Mountain Village Town Hall site although they felt both properties were excellent. Through the negotiation process, new facts will be discovered that will make the sites relatively more or less attractive.

The CAC chose to eliminate Big Dog Holdings from the process due to the following considerations:

  1. The Big Dog lot is zoned light commercial and as a result the Lawson Hill POC does not want to lose what little remaining commercial property they have by allowing a medical center (non-tax producing entity) go onto the lot. Lawson Hill POC has veto power over the use of the lot.

  2. The Town of Telluride has to approve their water and sewer and with the Town being in a contrary mode toward THD that might be contentious.

  3. Bill Gordon and Bill Ellison both have veto power over the re-platting of the Big Dog lot and both have adamantly come out in opposition. It was felt that they will sue to maintain this right.

  4. We believe we could get the county to approve a PUD expansion of this lot so that was not a reason to be concerned