Honoring our providers

On March 30, 1933 the first Doctors Day was observed and each year since the date has given us an opportunity to recognize physicians for their leadership in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury.

These dedicated professionals engaged in years of study and training. They endure long and unpredictable hours and their passion for their profession frequently rewards them with the conflicting demands of work and family life.

Telluride has long been blessed with having physicians to practice in this community despite the remote and sometimes difficult environment.

Thanks to all the providers who choose to live and work here and their dedication, countless lives have been saved and improved.

Please, take a moment to send your provider a note. Let them know you recognize their efforts with a “thank-you” or by sharing your stories of how physicians at Telluride Regional Medical Center cared for you, your family member or friend.

We want our providers to know how much they are valued and your support is a powerful source of encouragement. And they'll definitely appreciate hearing from you!