How often will the heliport be used?

Since 2011, on average, Telluride Regional Medical Center has utilized helicopter transfers for less than 10% of all transfers, with the average number of helicopter medical transfers at 12.4%. When critically ill patients require time-sensitive transfers to other medical facilities, transfers will be at the discretion of the attending physicians, who make decisions solely based on what’s in the best interest of the patient. As is the case currently at Telluride Regional Medical Center, helicopter transfers of patients are only utilized when absolutely necessary.

Since 2011, 93% of transfers from Telluride Regional Medical Center to other facilities have been carried out by ambulance, private transport and fixed wing aircraft, out of the Telluride Regional Airport.

Who will use the medical heliport? The medical heliport will be limited and restricted to critical care patient needs of the regional medical center, as determined by attending physicians.

All patients judged non-critical, but otherwise in need of medical evacuation will be transported by ambulance or, if necessary and appropriate, will be transported to the airport and evacuated from that location by fixed wing aircraft. The medical heliport will not be used as a commercial or recreational helicopter base location, nor will fueling services be provided.

Providers of medical helicopters and flight crews are contracted through facilities such as St Mary’s Hospital, Montrose Memorial Hospital, Mercy Regional medical center and San Juan Regional Medical Center among others.