Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, For over ten years, the Telluride Hospital District has worked diligently to secure a site for a new facility to meet the current and future health care needs of the region. Though the process has been lengthy, and at turns frustrating, we remain dedicated to building a facility deserving of the community.

Meanwhile our talented and dedicated health care providers continue to work above and beyond to care for all of us, while the truth is this: The current facility falls far short in meeting basic fundamental needs of a medical facility.

Some shortcomings include:

  • Inadequate space: Patient visits increased 46% in primary care and 40% in the emergency department over the past five years. The square footage simply cannot accommodate current and projected growth and demand.
  • ADA compliance: We live with makeshift solutions to accommodate entry and exit for patients on crutches, in wheelchairs, or with mobility challenges.
  • HIPAA compliance: the facility lacks the square footage required to provide reasonable and appropriate security and privacy at check-in and check-out areas and in most primary and emergency care exam rooms.

Our organization has done its due diligence. In doing so we have determined that renovating the current location or splitting locations among services is neither viable nor financially responsible.

Consultants have provided expert analysis in areas of site selection, new facility conceptual design, overall and helipad safety, and the financial feasibility and sustainability of a new home for health care. (Visit tellmed.org to review the many independent reports and studies conducted).

Per the request of the Army Corps of Engineers we are presently revisiting alternative sites to determine if any have become available; we’re also working to determine whether any new suitable sites have become available.

We are committed to making responsible, vetted and informed decisions on behalf of the community as a whole; we also realize we can’t possibly please everyone.

You deserve a new medical center and we’re are committed to building the best facility to serve our growing population and the needs of our community.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this path to a new facility.


The Telluride Hospital District Board and Administration