So Many Patients and the Faces that Greet Them

This week, as we examined and announced our growth in patient volume, I couldn’t help but to think of our front line staff. Amazingly they accommodated 21,036 patient visits last year, a 13% increase over the previous year (read more on our growth here).

I recently met with two of our Patient Relations staffers over takeout and learned just how our Patient Relations Specialists are adapting to the growing volume at our medical center.

Monica Chavez and Norma Leyva Reyes work tirelessly to schedule, check-in, check-out and answer endless questions about insurance, fevers, prescriptions and more, all from close-quartered cubicles in the inner belly of the med center. They're really the pulse of our organization.

And no two days are the same for Monica and Norma.

Despite have one of the most daunting assignments of corralling patients, and communicating complex insurance, billing and scheduling details, often for people who may not be feeling their best, I get the impression both Monica and Norma love their jobs.

Each day, upon entering the med center’s doors, these women are in demand. A nervous mom on the phone describing her baby's rash; another patient has questions about osteopathic services; meanwhile others wait in the lobby for their primary care appointments.

The perks are the people. Monica and Norma are part of a closely-knit staff who share the burden of running a busy rural health care clinic. Snacks help too. There seems to always be some luring treat or complementary lunch in the employee kitchen and, naturally, both of these valued team members enjoy providing great service to the (ever growing!) community of people our med center serves.

So next time you’re swinging through the med center, for a flu shot or a check-up, be sure to extend an extra special thank you to Monica and Norma…just don’t offer to shake their hands! We need them too much to send them home sick!



John Gardner, CEO, FACHE

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