Oh these are changing times...maybe, sort-of, kind of

I’m writing this from the airport, anxious to return home after the week spent at the the National Rural Health Association Policy Institute in Washington D.C., Here I joined health care leaders from rural communities to meet with members of the Senate and House of Representatives to discuss the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.

The burning question on the tip of every attendee’s tongue:  

What’s the direction from the new administration for national healthcare policy; and how will it impact our ability to serve our communities?

This is what we heard from both sides of the aisle:

The Affordable Care Act has increased the access to health insurance to a large number of people in the United States, and for some that has also meant an increase in insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses.

Not one person had a solution that would keep insurance rates rising while also pushing premiums down.

But uncertainty isn’t the only certain.

As I ready to board my return flight, I know this: Our clinic will continue to develop new programs, apply for more grants, win more awards, exceed goals and overcome challenges to serve our community.

Residents and guests to our region will continue to count on us for care, and regardless of whether or not they have insurance, or who their carrier is, we will continue to offer a sliding scale and payment plans.

We provide extraordinary care regardless of ability to pay. This has always been our way.

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