Patient visits and services continue to grow at the Telluride Regional Medical Center

This week the Telluride Regional Medical Center announced their emergency and primary care departments accommodated 21,036 patient visits last year, a 13% increase over the previous year and consistent with growth trends over the past six years.

Two significant areas of growth, according to Telluride Regional Medical Center CEO John Gardner, are the number of patients seen over age 65 and those 14 and under. Last year’s visits from the baby boomer demographic were up 45% over 2009, while patient visits from the 14 and younger segment grew by 99% over the same six-year span.

Meanwhile, the medical center has also expanded amenities to offer palliative care services and a Behavioral Health Integration Program.

The organization recently earned the highest national recognition for patient-centered care for their expanded Care Management Services, which aims to identify patients who may benefit from extra attention and resources to manage conditions like diabetes and obesity.

The medical center’s growth and success is especially note-worthy considering the limitations of their current facility, according to Gardner, who took the medical center’s leadership helm in June. 

“I’ve really never seen anything like this. Our staff provides more care in a 10,000-square-foot building than what most health professionals set out to accomplish in facilities double the size.”

To accommodate the growing demands for health care while the Telluride Hospital District works to secure a future home for a new facility, the medical center has added new staff, extended visiting hours, moved administrative personnel to another location and created a makeshift exam room out of a conference room.

“We’re the safety net for the community, we’ll do whatever we have to do to serve the community,” said Gardner.