Telluride Women Give Annual Event

2nd Annual Women Give Event to Illuminate Women's Hormone Health

Members of Telluride Women Give, the Telluride Medical Center Foundation's philanthropic giving circle, are invited to the 2nd Annual Women Give event on August 3 at 5p.m. at Sally Harley's garden on 229 North Pine St.

This year's event will include appetizers, drinks and "Living in Balance," a women's hormone health presentation by Dr. Sharon Grundy, medical director at the Telluride Regional Medical Center.

In only its first year in existence Telluride Women Give raised $50,000 and includes just over sixty members.

The group's aim is to empower local women to invest and collaborate to create specific programs that make a difference in the lives of women, children and their families. Donations from Telluride Women Give have already been used to purchase a Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System, which the Primary Care says reduces medical errors and ensures enhanced quality of pediatric care.

RSVP to Kate Wadley at by Friday, July 22.