THD to Consider New Site

The Telluride Hospital District (THD), which is the governing body of the Telluride Medical Center, has until March 25 to respond with due diligence to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s questions regarding a Society Turn parcel as a possible location for the region’s new medical facility.

Conversations between THD and the Army Corps regarding a Wetlands Permit and Mitigation Application for THD’s Mountain Village site have been ongoing since February of last year. In the most recent communication from the Army Corps, dated January 27, several matters were listed for clarification and the possible new site for a new medical facility near Society Turn was introduced. 

THD’s Mountain Village parcel—located behind The Market at Mountain Village and Mountain Village Town Hall—was the preferred site of THD Board, a Citizen Advisory Committee and an independent consultant hired to evaluate potential sites for a medical facility in the region. The parcel currently sits on half an acre of wetlands, which according to THD’s development plan would be improved and mitigated before ground broke on the new facility.

The Society Turn parcel was submitted as an alternative location to the Army Corps for a new medical facility by San Miguel Valley Corp, a development company that owns approximately 22 acres near Society Turn and the Town of Telluride’s wastewater treatment plant.

The San Miguel Valley Corp property was not made available to the THD Board of Directors during the site selection process held in 2013 and 2014.

“We will evaluate the viability of this parcel at the request of the Army Corp of Engineers and respond to their questions by March 25th. Since we were originally told this parcel was not available we have very little data in which to form an opinion yet” said Larry Mallard, Board Chairman of the Telluride Hospital District.

“We own the parcel in Mountain Village and believe it to be a fantastic site for the new medical center. However, crucial to that plan coming to fruition is a successful wetlands permit application. An alternative site has been presented directly to the Army Corp and we will fully vet its suitability for our new facility.”

According to Mallard, the THD Board of Directors anticipates they will have more information regarding this new potential home for the Telluride Medical Center in the coming weeks.


Army Corps Letter Here