It's Time To Check In - Preventive Health Season

It's time to check in!

Preventive health season aims to keep locals healthy with screenings, exams and identifying risk factors—it's also a way to get deeply discounted services to patients who are under/uninsured.

Schedule your check-up throughout October and November to take advantage of discounted services, screenings and exams, and low patient volume.

Off-season is the best time to foster a preventative health dialogue and relationship with your primary care provider.

Discounted Services for under/uninsured patients:

  • Well Child Checks: $45

  • Children’s Vaccines: *Free

  • Men’s Wellness Exam: $85

  • Women’s Wellness Exam: *Free

  • Women’s PAP: *Free

  • Chem Panel (comprehensive lab test): $45

  • Vit. D Screening: $35

  • Prostate (PSA) Screening: $20

  • The fecal immunochemical test (FIT) screening test for colon cancer: $21 for Men, *Free for women

  • HIV: Free, with assistance from TAB

  • STD: $35

  • A1C (diabetes screening): $20

*Free services are made possible by the Telluride Medical Center Foundation’s Women’s Preventative Health Fund & Play For P.I.N.K. and are available to patients who  have no insurance coverage or have no preventative coverage and a high deductible.

Insurance is changing!

Coverage has been changing, preventive services that may have recently been covered by your insurance company may not be covered anymore.

Four Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider:

  1. Is a yearly preventive health care exam covered with my plan?

  2. What preventative lab work is covered with my plan?

  3. What other preventive services (like mammogram + colonoscopy) are covered under my plan?

  4. Are my child’s immunizations covered?

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Beth Kelly