24/7 Emergency Care + Primary Care open

The Telluride Regional Medical Center increases Primary Care staff to four providers, five days a week to accommodate demand.

Press Releases

In the face of a 14% increase in Primary Care (PC) visits at the Telluride Regional Medical Center (Telluride Regional Medical Center) in 2015,
the Telluride community may have experienced challenges with scheduling appointments, especially
same day appointments. With continued growth, the Telluride Regional Medical Center is striving to accommodate patients and has
expanded it’s PC department to four providers five days a week.

As demand increases, so does the need for space. In order to expand PC provider availability, the Telluride Regional Medical Center
needed additional rooms to see patients. In 2015, the administrative offices were moved offsite to
make way for three additional examination rooms.
With increased availability in PC, the Telluride Regional Medical Center hopes to accommodate more patients, including those
seeking same day appointments. The expanded capacity in PC means fewer patients who require same
day care will be directed to the Emergency Department where additional costs are likely to be incurred.

To make an appointment, call 728.3848 and speak with a member of the patient relations team. They
will assist you with determining provider availability and appointment scheduling.