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When women give,
everyone wins.

Telluride Women Give, a giving circle of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation. 

Telluride Women Give is a philanthropic giving circle of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation and a leadership network of community-minded women who want to do more than just donate; they want to invest and collaborate to create specific programs that make a difference in the lives of women, children and their families.

Become a Member of Telluride Women Gives! 

Members learn about health care issues affecting women and their families and solutions to improve their health and the well being of those they love. Using the power of collective philanthropy, the members’ annual contributions are pooled and the entire membership joins in deciding which program, project or new equipment at the Telluride Regional Medical Center will be funded. Our efforts will drive innovative and often life-saving services and technology to make a difference now, for those we know and love.

Please consider joining our founding members by becoming a member of Telluride Women Give.

If you need additional information before making a commitment to Telluride Women Give please call Kate Wadley at (970) 729-1375.





$5,000 annually
Minimum 5-year commitment

Founders’ generous gifts help establish and sustain the efforts of Telluride Women Give. Founder members have permanent recognition as Telluride Women Give Founders and are permanent members of the Steering Committee.


$2,000 annually
Minimum 5-year commitment

Visionaries make an elevated commitment to advance the work of Telluride Women Give. Visionaries are also permanent members of the Steering Committee members.


$1,000 annually

Leaders make a commitment to advance the work of Telluride Women Give. Leaders may choose to serve as Steering Committee members.


$500 annually

Members are asked to donate a minimum of $500 annually, which will be pooled with other designated Telluride Women Give donations to make a substantial impact in health care.




Dr. Sharon Grundy, MD

Dr. Sharon Grundy is the Director of Primary Care at Telluride Medical Center and a Founding Member of Telluride Women Give. She specializes in acute and chronic diseases, women’s and men’s health care, complementary medicine and preventative medicine. She’s been associated with Telluride Medical Center since 2001. Dr. Grundy studied at the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center. She completed post graduate training in Complementary Medicine: University of Arizona and in 2010 completed became certified in Integrative Medicine from Integrative Medicine University of Arizona, Tuscon – an internationally recognized program developed by Andrew Weil, MD.

Dr. Diana Koelliker, MD

Dr. Diana Koelliker is Medical Director of Emergency & Trauma Services, Telluride EMS Director and Founding Member of Telluride Women Give. Dr. Koelliker has been with Telluride Medical Center since 2005. She earned her medical degree at the Medical College of Georgia and completed her residence at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Dr. Koelliker is board certified in emergency medicine.

Dr. Smitha Gollamudi, MD

Dr. Smitha Gollamudi has experience in treating a range of malignancies and has special expertise in tumors of the breast, lymphoma and gynecologic cancers. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and has been an invited speaker and member of professional boards. She was trained at the Joint Center for Radiation Therapy of Harvard Medical School and then joined the faculty of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She was recruited to Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey where she developed the stereotactic radiosurgery and IMRT programs and was chair of the radiation oncology department.

Shushana Castle

Shushana Castle is an author of two books, both featured nationally on TV, radio and magazines: “Rethink Food,” covers hard hitting facts on the subjects of how to prevent and reverse chronic diseases featuring over 100 world-renowned doctors,16 nutritionists, and elite athletes who weighed into the narrative and her recent book, “The Meaty Truth,” details the environmental disaster and health challenges caused by America’s meat and dairy production. She is a regular on national radio shows.

Prior to researching and writing books Shushana worked for 25 years as a globally renowned fixed-income and equities securities specialist, becoming one of the first females ever trusted to deal with Middle East, sovereign wealth funds of Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates. From Wall Street, Europe and the Middle East, Shushana transitioned her skills in the finance world to working with the United Nations and other global entities in developing countries, where she focused on the CleanTech space while helping to provide women with clean, safe water in developing countries.

Shushana and her husband bring Mountainfilm to Houston, their hometown, now in the fifth sold-out year for a two-evening, much-talked-out about event. She also currently sits on the board of Living Water International and is a member of the Houston Women’s Business Chamber of Commerce.