Friends — I’m reaching out to thank every single person and business who has supported the Telluride Medical Center Foundation and our Med Center staff throughout this pandemic.

What we have collectively lived through is profound, for our team at the medical center it was nothing short of all encompassing.

You probably don’t know this, but during what I call “Deep COVID,” some of our staff bunked up, spending weeks away from their family, for fear of bringing home the  illness. It was also what the work — running an outdoor respiratory clinic on top of regular health services — required of them.

What our team made possible must not be understated or forgotten. To that end, we’ve produced a video that captures the story of our journey through the pandemic.

Take a moment to give an audience to our team. I know you’ll be moved. The medical center staff is truly incredible.

Make no mistake, we’re still in this pandemic. Thank you for your ongoing vigilance and continued support!

Kate Wadley | Executive Director
Telluride Medical Center Foundation