What Is a CT Scan?

A computed tomography (CT) scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that produces images of the inside of the body. CT scans use x-rays to show detailed images of tissue, fat, bones, organs, muscles, and blood vessels. These images are used to diagnose and monitor health conditions, detect tumors, and examine treatment efficacy.

CT Scans vs. MRIs

CT scans and MRIs are both types of radiology exams used to capture images inside the body. The primary difference between CT scans and MRIs is the method by which these procedures create images. CT scans utilize x-rays to capture images, while MRIs utilize radio waves. CT scans are more commonly used than MRIs to diagnose and monitor health conditions as they are a more affordable imaging option and generally take only a few minutes, while an MRI procedure can sometimes take several hours to complete.

The imaging center at Telluride Regional Medical Center utilizes these diagnostic imaging exams in different ways. Our highly-trained radiology technicians choose the best imaging method based on your specific healthcare needs and symptoms. CT scans, also called CAT scans, may be ordered to detect internal bleeding, cancer, broken bones, and tumors. CT scans can also be used during emergencies when time is of the essence and images must be captured quickly. MRIs, on the other hand, are most frequently used for viewing the brain or spinal cord and ordered if more detailed, higher-resolution imaging is needed.

CT Scans at Telluride Regional Medical Center

The radiology technicians at Telluride Regional Medical Center conduct all of our diagnostic imaging on-site and prioritize patient safety and comfort during medical imaging procedures. At Telluride Regional Medical Center, we know that precise and accurate imaging is essential to delivering exceptional care. We partner with St. Mary’s Medical Center to interpret your images and coordinate the right care plan for you. For the highest quality of care, schedule your appointment at Telluride Regional Medical Center for a CT scan near you.

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