When laboratory tests are requested by your primary physician, our highly skilled group of phlebotomists and laboratory technicians are here to provide exemplary customer service and care.

Depending on your individual needs or your doctor’s orders, our laboratory service conducts a variety of diagnostic procedures and comprehensive testing.

We routinely conduct blood tests, urinalysis, and drug screening. These blood tests help your primary doctor evaluate your internal health. They provide information that could possibly lead to the diagnosis of diseases and conditions like anemia, diabetes, HIV/AIDs, infections, cancers, and clotting problems.

Common blood tests include complete blood counts, blood enzyme tests, and blood chemistry tests. Urine tests are often used in conjunction with other tests to also evaluate your health, diagnose disease, and monitor pre-existing conditions.

The urinalysis begins with a visual inspection by an expert based on color, cloudiness, concentration, and odor. The urine may be analyzed for abnormalities in its pH level and its levels of ketones, proteins, sugars, bilirubin, and blood.

The microscopic portion of urinalysis provides additional information about red or white blood cell levels, whether there is the presence of bacteria or yeast, and even indicators of kidney problems such as crystal and casts.

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