Telluride Medical Center Foundation Looks to Engage Women with New Giving Circle

Kate Wadley, executive director of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation, has long understood that when women collaborate and commit, they create change. But it wasn't until one recent sleepless night in February that the idea to connect women to make a difference in the health and wellness of local women dawned on her.

Wadley left bed and burnt the midnight oil, when the sun come up she was ready to name her new program Telluride Women Give. Within hours Wadley had a mission statement, website, founding members and a growing list of advisors. The momentum hasn't stopped.

Wadley's vision is a philanthropic giving circle of the Telluride Medical Center Foundation and a leadership network of community-minded women who want to do more than just donate.

"This group is for women who want to invest and collaborate to create specific programs that make a difference in the lives of women, children and their families," said Wadley.

Telluride Women Give members are kept abreast of health care issues affecting women and their families and solutions to improve their health and the well being of those they love.

"These women will assert that the greatest benefit is to the giver, as they themselves are provided opportunities to learn, share, and grow as philanthropists and community leaders," said Wadley.

The first Telluride Women Give event will be on August 5th at a private home and will include a Women's Health Issues and Solutions presentation from Dr. Sharon Grundy.

"Using the power of collective philanthropy, the members' annual contributions are pooled and the entire membership joins in deciding which program, project or new equipment at the Telluride Medical Center will be funded. Our efforts will drive innovative and often life-saving services and technology to make a difference now, for those we know and love," said Wadley.

This past May Wadley attended the Women's Philanthropy Program: Fundraising, A Paradigm Shift for the 21st Century Sponsored by the Women's Philanthropy Institute in Indianapolis, IN.

"It's empowering to know there is so much momentum behind this movement to elevate the generosity of women into something even bigger than the individual parts," said Wadley.

According to Wadley, women and men give for different reasons. "Women are motivated to create change, have a connection, collaborate and to have a little fun."

Wadley believes the Telluride community will see the benefit from the Telluride Medical Center Foundation's giving circle in the form of grant dollars and informed, engaged donors and volunteers.

Ultimately, Wadley said, "the goal of Telluride Women Give is to build a culture of engagement and generosity and be the philanthropic choice for Telluride Women."