Medical Moment by Dr. Diana Koelliker

Each 4th of July weekend, we see people with minor eye injuries related to fireworks. This usually occurs when embers or ashes fall from the sky after fireworks are shot. Typically, all that is needed is copious flushing with water or saline solution to clear the irritation.

Avoid using products that “get the red out” like Visine, because these dry the surface of the eye and can impede healing If the eye continues to hurt, then there may be a corneal abrasion or a foreign body remaining. A visit to our primary care clinic or one of our local optometrists can get you the proper treatment when necessary.

As an aside, holiday weekends sometimes mean lots of travel. Always remember to share the road with our friends on bikes.Our curvy mountain roads with narrow shoulders are not always easy to navigate on a bike.

Road construction and gravel on the road can make travel by motorcycle hazardous at times. Always make sure to give bikers a wide berth when traveling on the highways.

And Buckle Up: Seat belts save lives everyday!