By Anna Turner, M.D.

Winter is here, and we all know what that means. It’s ski season! Telluride locals and visitors are looking forward to snow and another beautiful holiday season.  Our med center team is getting ready too, anticipating a run on injuries that we typically see as folks start hitting the slopes.

Common ski injuries in Telluride

Early in the season, the most common injuries patients have when they arrive at TRMC are knee, hip and ankle injuries. We also see upper body injuries such as wrist, arm and shoulder sprains, tears and fractures. That makes sense as people get their feet back under them after a summer off their skis.

As the season progresses, the slopes get more crowded and people start taking more risks. That’s when we generally see more crashes and concussions.

Avoiding injuries on the slopes

The best way to avoid common injuries is to take some time to get in shape before you head out on the mountain. Leg strength is the key. Squats, lunges, dead lifts, and exercises to stabilize the hamstrings and knees are important. Work on your balance with an indo board or stability training pad. Mini resistance band walks are great too. Don’t forget to work on your core with some rotational exercises, planks, bridges and sit-ups. Downhill hiking or running is also great training.

Besides lower and upper body injuries, make sure you also protect yourself against colds, flu and COVID. Beat the bug by eating a healthy diet, staying well hydrated, staying warm, washing your hands frequently, and practicing good general hygiene as much as possible. If you’re sick, give yourself a few days to recover.

Questions or concerns? Schedule an appointment with your med center provider by calling 970-728-3848. Be safe and have fun!