I’m thrilled to share with our patients news of our new partnership with RxLive, a concierge telehealth service that will connect our patients with expert clinical pharmacists.

Clinical pharmacists are an essential part of the health care system and are vital in their abilities to provide optimal management of medications.

Of course, your primary care provider is your personal health expert, but we can’t always answer how your medications may interact with food, herbal supplements, over the counter meds or your other prescriptions.

Consultation with clinical pharmacists can also help you understand medications, avoid dangers drug interactions; and allow for the monitoring of effectiveness, side effects, etc.

Your pharmacist can also help you navigate out-of-pocket expenses.

These in-depth discussions about medications take place either over the phone or via computer screen, from your home.

Our primary care providers are currently identifying patients who have been prescribed high-risk medications, have multiple prescriptions, or who have recently started new medications, to be referred to RxLive.

You may be notified by phone by RxLive to discuss next steps or to set up a review of your medications.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of annual and monthly medication reviews. The service is $60 if not covered by insurance. The typical copay is $12 for Medicare recipients.

Next steps
You may receive a call from RxLive, per your provider’s recommendations, but if you do not and would like to schedule an appointment with a clinical pharmacist, call the medical center or send your provider a message using the patient portal.

Once you have an assessment with RxLive, your clinical pharmacist will review your chart and send a note to your provider. Your provider will then follow up with you, regarding your prescriptions, if necessary. The notes will be saved within your medical records.

We’re so excited, and honestly also relieved, to be able to offer our patients this high quality and vital service.

You may have questions — RxLive has an information line: 1-866-234-4974. We’re very impressed with this organization and think our patients are going to be impressed with the service.


Dr. Christine Mahoney