This is now the third school year to be impacted by COVID-19 — just think about that!

And while we continue to live with many unknowns, there are, however, ways to help set our children (and ourselves!) up for a healthy and successful school year.

To that end, I’m sharing my personal To Do list. I hope you find it helpful.

Dr. Mahoney’s Back to School Health & Wellness Checklist:

  • *Schedule your annual Well Child Check (sometimes also referred to as a sports physical). This is a great time to be sure your children are up to date on all immunizations.
  • If your child is age 12 or older, schedule their COVID vaccine. Check here for details on upcoming vaccine clinics.
  • Plan to get your kids a flu vaccine (availability coming soon!)
  • Start easing back into a sleep schedule that accommodates early mornings.
  • Talk to your kids about ways to reduce COVID risks (wearing masks, giving people space, personal hygiene).
  • Make a plan for healthy lunches and after school snacks.
  • Stock up on masks and hand sanitizer. I recommend medical masks, either surgical or KN95, sized for kids.
  • Have a plan for staying home when sick! Be sure to wait 48 hours before returning a child to school. If you’re child is still symptomatic, it’s time for get a COVID test. More info on where and how to get COVID-19 tests.
  • Build self-care into your school-year routine.
  • Seek help when you need it! Tri-County Health Network offers many family resources.
  • Write a note to your child’s teacher to let them know how much they’re appreciated.
  • Of course, everyday I think of new items to add to the list!

    I’m also inspired, everyday, by the ways I see this community — especially teachers — carrying on the resolve to do everything in their power to stop the spread of COVID-19.

    I am grateful to raise my children here with you.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Christine Mahoney | Director of Primary Care
    Telluride Medical Center

    *We’re experiencing high call volume, I’m recommending using the patient portal to request an appointment, our staff will call you back to schedule the day and time.