After two plus years of the pandemic, it’s good to see our community socializing again and returning to the everyday activities we used to take for granted. We may have reached a tipping point, but the reality is that COVID is here to stay. So here’s everything you need to know about what’s new with COVID.


Are antivirals a game changer? Absolutely! We are very optimistic that this treatment can prevent severe illness. “Test to treat” is a new approach the federal government announced in March. If you feel symptomatic, take a home COVID test. These are easy to find and easy to use (more about that below). If you test positive, you should get treatment within 72 hours, especially if you are an older adult, have a chronic illness or a disability, or have another health condition that puts you at high risk.  Call us at Telluride Regional Medical Center so we can schedule a telehealth appointment where one of our providers can answer your questions and determine if antiviral medications are a good option.

Do I need a second booster?

Vaccines remain the most critical intervention for preventing severe illness and decreasing transmission rates for COVID-19. Telluride Regional Medical Center has Moderna and Pfizer vaccines available for ages 18 and up. A second booster dose is now FDA approved for anyone over 50 and immunocompromised people over 18. Call us to discuss if and when to get the second booster.

The medical center also has COVID vaccines for children above five. Two doses are recommended for kids, but no boosters are approved for children at this time.

Where can I find a test? 

We recommend keeping a supply of at-home COVID test kits on hand. They are easy to use, and you can order them for free at You can also usually find them at public libraries and retail pharmacies. San Miguel County Public Health also offers free community testing.

If you are a Telluride Regional Medical Center patient, we may provide COVID testing during your evaluation. If you are traveling, we can discuss how to get you tested. If need a test for a preoperative exam, we can discuss how you can get that scheduled. These discussions can happen easily with a telehealth appointment or at the medical center during your appointment with your provider.

The bottom line is, COVID is here to stay so let’s not let our guard down. Keep those masks and home-tests handy. Stay up to date on your vaccinations. And call Telluride Regional Medical Center for an appointment if you don’t feel well.

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