Meet our new doctor! Colorado native Anna Turner, MD, recently joined the Telluride Regional Medical Center Primary Care team and is excited to start seeing patients.  

Where are you from?

I grew up in Fort Collins on a farm between Windsor and Greeley. My family grew alfalfa and corn, and we had lots of chickens. We also raised cattle and rode horses. We had a lot of land and open space. It was a great place for a kid to grow up.

What made you decide to go into medicine?

It was a natural fit for me. My father was an ER doctor, and my mother was a veterinarian. I love the human connection and being able to care for others. So choosing a career in medicine was not a difficult decision.

Why did you decide to specialize in Primary Care?

Family practice fits my personality perfectly. I have a lot of different interests so I like the psychology of family practice. Unlike some other specialties, primary care doctors can really get to know their patients. We can follow them over an extended period of time and see how they progress in their care journey. It’s really rewarding.

What were you doing before joining our team in Telluride?

I just finished a residency in El Paso, Texas. I was doing a lot of work with COVID patients, including inpatient work in the ICU and also outpatient work. It was very intense, something I never expected to be doing when I started my residency. As a medical student, I thought I might work someday with Doctors Without Borders. Little did I realize that the pandemic would bring that kind of war zone, urgent care right to my doorstep.

We lost some patients and that was heartbreaking. But there were uplifting moments also. One of our patients had a spinal tumor. We were able to help her make a significant recovery and when we were done, she was walking without a cane. That was pretty powerful. Seeing an outcome like that reminds doctors why we go into medicine.

What attracted you to rural healthcare?

It was always in the back of my mind. I grew up on a farm so it always appealed to me. As a medical student, I spent most of my rotations and my residency in big cities. By the time I graduated, I knew I was ready to be in a smaller community. I was also looking for an opportunity to practice more preventative, full spectrum medicine. I just knew I wanted to be in a mountain community.

How do you like living in Telluride so far?

I’m looking forward to getting to know the community. I love to ski and mountain bike and I can’t wait to explore all the trails and mountains in such a beautiful setting.

What else would you like patients to know about you?

I speak Spanish, which is important for patients who are more comfortable communicating in their native language. I really like sports medicine, and I am also very interested in integrative medicine. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to grow professionally with the great team of providers at Telluride Regional Medical Center. I’m also looking forward to finding housing, which can be challenging here in Telluride!

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