Every year, during National Nurses Week (May 6 – May 12), we honor our team of nurses by sharing their stories, encouraging patients to show their gratitude and celebrating the work of all our nurses at the Telluride Regional Medical Center.

Our nurses are your neighbors, friends, family — they’re also the ones who run to help others when help is most needed.

After working selflessly and tirelessly through the pandemic, they love to hear from the community. Send them a note and they’ll be thrilled to read it!

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Get to Know Two Nurses: Melissa Honn & Aaron Clark

Melissa Honn MSN, BSN, RN and Aaron Clark, RN, CEN, TCRN,  have worked for the Telluride Regional Medical Center for eight and 10 years respectively. Both work in the Emergency Department.

Why nursing? And was there ever a moment where it looked like you were going to grow up to be something else entirely?

Melissa Honn: I originally studied pre-med at the University of Denver. I spent a year in Argentina and because of that experience I changed my degree to Environmental Science. Ideals do not necessarily pay the bills! So, later I went to Nursing School at Regis in their one year accelerated BSN program.

Aaron Clark: After living in this town for a few years and working in a ski shop, I was talking with my dad, who is a doctor, about what to do. He suggested nursing. He also said, “you can go wherever you want with a nursing career.” To me that meant I could come right back to this town that I love. At that time I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I was always intrigued by medical stuff growing up around it, so I said, “yep, I’ll do that.”

What’s your favorite aspect of this career? 

Melissa Honn: Figuring out the puzzle.

Aaron Clark: Patient care. It feels good helping people feel good, or better anyway. People come to the ER for something, no matter how big or small. Sometimes they just need to talk through what’s on their mind. Sometimes they need a little more than that.

Most challenging aspect?

Melissa Honn: Maintaining emotional distance.

Aaron Clark: Patient care. What’s more challenging than overcoming a patient’s physical, mental, and social problems due to injury or illness? It’s completely immersive and involved with each person a nurse treats. It’s not just putting bandaids on.

Where does your motivation for this work come from?

Melissa Honn: It is very rewarding to be a part of a team of professionals that are focused on their patients and their colleagues.

Aaron Clark: My motivation is derived from my patients’ satisfaction. If they are happy with their care, then I am happy with my service for them, which motivates me more.

How do you recharge?

Melissa Honn: Sleep, exercise, meditation.

Aaron Clark: Skiing, dirt biking, fishing, mountain biking.

Is there a theme song for nursing?

Melissa Honn: Good Day by Nappy Roots

Where will your next vacation be?

Melissa Honn:  Belize.

Aaron Clark: I am headed to the Isle of Man to watch the TT motorcycle race.

Any good habits you picked up in the last two years? Any bad ones?

Melissa Honn: Good: meditation. Bad: watching politics.

Aaron Clark: I gave up alcohol 15 months ago and have been feeling pretty good about that.

What lunch waiting for you in the staff room would instantly turn any day around?

Melissa Honn: Chocolate

Aaron Clark: Floradora

Advice for Telluride? 

Aaron Clark: When your kid has a fever, medicate them to bring the fever down. They’ll thank you later!

Anything else you want to share with our community?

Aaron Clark: Working at the Med Center has been a wonderful experience. I consider my coworkers my family, and our autonomy here has helped me be a better professional. If I couldn’t work here, it would be hard to be a nurse somewhere else.

Melissa Honn: I am grateful and amazed to be a part of the community.