By. Dr. Sharon Grundy

As the Primary Care Medical Director at Telluride Regional Medical Center (TRMC), I have the privilege of being at the frontline of community health. We believe that prevention is the foundation of wellness. Our providers recommend annual well visits for all age groups to strengthen the Patient-Provider relationship and develop a comprehensive individual health plan. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, less than half of our patients are coming in for their annual well exam.  

During the busy season, many of us lead full lives and forget to take care of ourselves. The off-season is an ideal time to prioritize our well-being.  

For regional residents, TRMC is your home for health. For those underinsured or uninsured, we are offering comprehensive exams including any necessary blood work for less than $175. We have additional financial assistance programs available which are supported by partnerships with the Telluride Medical Center Foundation and San Miguel County Public Health. 

 May Health Month pricing covers everything from a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Lipid Panel to Thyroid checks and more. The goals of annual well visits are to set aside time to take care of the individual outside of acute or chronic problems. These appointments are designed for individual risk assessment for cardiovascular risk, cancer risk, skin checks, weight assessment. Children and young adults up to the age of 20 will only have a physical exam. For adults above the age of 20, there’s a pre visit lab appointment for standard blood work, followed by a preventative visit to develop an individualized plan most relevant for person for particular stage and phase of life.  

Healthcare is ever-evolving. Recent changes in guidelines, such as the updated recommendation to begin colorectal screenings at age 45 instead of 50, are just one example of how staying current with your health assessments can be potentially life-saving. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the U.S., and early detection through regular screenings is key to prevention and management. 

We know that personal connection and understanding are key to effective care. That’s why you can book your appointment with known and trusted providers like Dr. Gaylord and our newer practitioners Andrew Brown, PA, and Dr. Anna Turner. Moreover, our team of certified interpreters, including Cali, Luis, and Karla, ensures that patients can schedule and be seen in both English and Spanish. 

THE HEALTH OF OUR COMMUNITY MATTERS, CHECK-UP ON YOUR HEALTH TODAY  Call us at 970.728.3848 to schedule an appointment in English or Spanish.