You may have noticed that Test Results are now populated in your patient portal faster than ever before. This change is due to the CURES Act, a US law that requires automatic posting of test results to patient portals. What does this mean for you? As a patient, you’ll be promptly informed about your health data; however, you might see your data before your medical provider has had the chance to review it and contact you for follow-up. Rest assured, your medical team will still reach out to you within 24-72 hours, either through a phone call or a message in our patient portal, based on your preferred communication method. 

We want our patients to have accurate information for lab results they may not fully understand. While the immediate availability of test results slightly shifts our approach to patient information sharing, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standard of patient care. We are dedicated to providing timely, comprehensive explanations and guidance regarding your health data. Our goal is to enhance patient empowerment and engagement in their own healthcare journey, while ensuring they receive the expert support and clarification they need from their healthcare providers.”