It can be challenging to prioritize your health when many of us in Telluride work hard during the busy seasons, preparing for the quieter off-seasons. Nevertheless, it’s important to prioritize our health by participating in community events, promoting good mental health, and maintaining a nutritious diet. Here are some free resources and events available in San Miguel County to support these needs throughout the year. 

Wilkinson Public Library  

Please click on the link for an event you’d like to attend and double check the time and location. While most events are at the library, some are in different locations across town. 

Tri County Health Network Events 

Telluride Food Pantry  

Telluride Food Pantry Distribution Details: 

Contact: (970) 708-1947. 

When: Every Thursday, 1:00PM- 6:00PM. Note: Food distribution occurs throughout the year, but not on holidays. If a holiday falls on a Thursday, distribution will shift to the preceding Tuesday. 

Location: Behind the Second Chance Thrift Store, located on W. Colorado and N. Aspen Street.  

How to Receive Food: Eligibility extends to anyone in need living in San Miguel County or the West End of Montrose County. Proof of address may be requested. Recipients are welcome once per week for food allocation. To expedite pick-up, pre-order non-perishable foods at 

For more information or to place online orders, visit the Telluride Food Pantry website. 

Financial Assistance for Behavioral Health Services

The San Miguel Behavioral Health Solutions Fund offers up to six counseling sessions, reimbursed at a rate of $110 per session, to residents and workers in San Miguel County. This reimbursement is paid directly to the counselor. If a counselor charges more than $110 per session, clients are responsible for paying the difference. This initiative aims to lower the barriers to accessing mental health care and foster a healthier community. 

Additionally, individuals earning less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for an extra six sessions, also reimbursed at $110 per session. We’ve made recent adjustments to hopefully make accessing services more simplified and user friendly for both clients and therapists. 

For detailed information or to arrange a consultation at the Telluride Medical Center, please click here or call us at (970) 728-3848.