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It’s a huge undertaking. And we’re ready.

CEO Blog

It’s a bit unnerving to prepare my first communication to the community that my wife Jeannie and I are now calling home. It’s also exciting and I’m honored to join this team and help lead the changes that are ahead of the Telluride Regional Medical Center in the coming years. This is the right time … Continued

Safety Statistics

Helipad Facts

There have been zero (0) civilian or general public deaths (people on the ground) resulting from a medical helicopter or hospital heliport in the past 30 years in the country. In that time, incredible improvements have been made in helicopter technology and safety. The modern helicopters that service Telluride have advanced safety equipment including night … Continued

How often will the heliport be used?

Helipad Facts

Since 2011, on average, Telluride Regional Medical Center has utilized helicopter transfers for less than 10% of all transfers, with the average number of helicopter medical transfers at 12.4%. When critically ill patients require time-sensitive transfers to other medical facilities, transfers will be at the discretion of the attending physicians, who make decisions solely based … Continued

Why does our community need a medical heliport?

Helipad Facts

In Emergency Care, minutes matter. At the current Telluride Regional Medical Center, where there is no heliport on site, when it’s determined that a critically ill patient needs to be transferred to another facility, the patient in Telluride Regional Medical Center care must be transferred from Telluride Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department to Emergency Medical … Continued

Lead exposure in children

Medical Moments

Kent Gaylord

Since lead was removed from gasoline and paint and reduced in factory emissions in the United States, symptomatic lead poisoning in Children is now rare. As the recent events in Flint Michigan demonstrate though, lead poisoning in children is an important topic to discuss. Who is at risk for lead exposure? Children are considered at … Continued

THD Election Unofficial Results

Press Releases

UNOFFICIAL STATEMENT OF RESULTS FOR THE REGULAR ELECTION HELD ON MAY 3, 2016 TELLURIDE HOSPITAL DISTRICT SAN MIGUEL COUNTY, COLORADO Candidate for Director – Four Year Term Total Votes Cast Davis Fansler 505 – Five hundred and five Larry Mallard 494 – Four hundred and ninety-four Jennifer Fox 269 – Two hundred and sixty-nine Candidate … Continued

What should women know about mammograms?

Medical Moments

Laura Cattell

Laura Cattell shares guidelines for when and how frequently to receive mammograms. The American Cancer Society’s guidelines for women with average risk for breast cancer are as follows: Age 40-44 women have the choice to start annual screening Age 45-54 women should receive mammograms annually Age 55 and older women may choose to receive a screening … Continued

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