For 27 years, the Telluride community and our TRMC team have been incredibly fortunate to receive care from and to work alongside Dr. Kent Gaylord. Recently, he announced that he’s retiring in May. As Dr. Gaylord begins to transition from a practicing physician to the next phase of his life, we want to thank him for his service, his dedication, and his compassion for his patients and co-workers.

In a letter to his patients, Dr. Gaylord recalled that when he started at TRMC he carried a pager. That was before cell phones. He doubled as a family medicine doctor and an ER physician, and x-rays were read on a fluorescent-tube light box and developed in an adjoining dark room. Now the kids he gave well-child checks to have their own children, and the young adults he treated  are retiring.

Medicine has made some impressive advances since he started, but what hasn’t changed is Dr. Gaylord’s sense of humor, enthusiasm, friendship, and his empathy. He’s been a joy to be around and he will be missed by every member of our team.